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Dear Laura:
Thank you so much for taking the time to come down to our school and speak with our students and teachers about your new book and your writing process. The students were very impressed. Days later, many of them were telling me (and more importantly, their friends and siblings) about meeting you and what they learned. Buying, Training, and Caring for Your Dinosaur was a hit at the book fair (one of our top selling titles), and now it's hard to keep on the library shelves!

On a personal level, I was also impressed with the instant rapport you developed with the students. Despite the range of ages and the many technical issues and changes on our end, they were engrossed—you really grabbed and held their attention. The week after your visit, I had numerous students explaining to me what kind of dinosaur pet would best suit their household and personality. I also appreciate your absolute flexibility and unflappability. The technical problems and change of venue could have completely derailed the event; instead it was a footnote to a fabulous presentation.

Thanks again for your time and enthusiasm. We look forward to reading your next titles and hosting you again in the future!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010,
Amity Bateman
Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School

Hi Laura:
So glad you'll be able to join us [for Kid's Otter Read Day]. I caught the end of your presentation at Kidquake—the kids were enraptured!

Laura Mancuso

Dear Laura,
Thank you so much for your engaging presentation. The children were delighted to meet the author of one of their favorite new books! The writing lesson was quite captivating. Several teachers have used your process to have the children write their own stories. Students first used their background knowledge about the subject of their choice to make the stories believable. Then they added some "make believe" parts to make their stories even more interesting.

Thanks again for visiting our school. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
JoAnn Floyd
Media Specialist
Bells Mill Elementary School
8225 Bells Mill Rd.
Potomac, MD 20854

Hi Laura:
Thanks you so, so much for coming to our school!! It was so awesome having you here. The dinosaur presentation was wonderful and the students loved it so much!! WE really love your book too. I think both K and 1st were very interested the whole time and loved having you here at CCS!!!

It was such a big deal for us all.

God Bless,
Miss Sandy
First Grade teacher
Charlottesville Catholic School

Dear Laura,
I want to thank you for coming to Charlottesville Catholic School to tell us all about your book, Buying, Training, and Caring for your Dinosaur!

The presentation was wonderful and I loved how you let the children tell you about what dinosaur they would like to own.

In first grade, we wrote our own stories about owning dinosaurs after reading your book and the children were so motivated, that it was one of the best assignments I ever got from them! People who came down our hall and saw the stories thought third graders wrote them! That is because you really inspired them to become authors themselves.

We also took your quiz on your website about our inner dinos!

I really hope you will come back and visit our school again.

You are a blessing.

Rose Ciccarone
First Grade Teacher
Charlottesville Catholic School

Baker and Taylor chose to use BUYING, TRAINING, AND CARING FOR YOUR DINOSAUR on the cover of their BOOKS FOR GROWING MINDS catalogue