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by Laura Joy Rennert, illustrated by Melanie Florian

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Royal Princess Academy Psst. Over here... in the corner of the page. No, I am not the one brushing her golden hair. That's my friend Rapunzel. But this book is not about her. (That's another story.) I'm Princess Emma. And I'm telling this story because I am NOT your typical princess.

I'm in my first year at the Royal Princess Academy. Yes, even Princesses need to go to school. My best friend Rapunzel and I are in the same class. But unlike Rapunzel, I am NOT your usual princess.
I don't like pink.
I'm too clumsy to dance.
I'm always tearing my gowns.
Here are the things I like best:
  1. Kicking a soccer ball
  2. Playing with my Pug and my Chihuahua
  3. Racing my cousin Prince Ben
  4. Reading about magical animals—especially my favorite, dragons!
  5. Sliding down the castle banisters (Don't tell my mom!)
The most important day of the whole year—the All School Princess Contest—is almost here. I'm a little worried about it. The girls in my family have always outdone themselves in the Contest, but I don't think I'm going to win any trophies. Everyone's always giving me advice on how to be a proper princess, but I'm actually a lot more interested in learning how to be a proper dragon rider.

I'm not exactly the star student at school, and some of my classmates are worried I'll make us take last place. Plus, Lady Mary our teacher just let us know, this year, the boys from the Royal Prince Academy are going to come and help out with the contest. Great. Now even more people will see me mess up!

What if I trip during the royal parade out onto the field? Or accidentally break a glass slipper! What if I do everything wrong?


 Host your very own Royal Princess Academy party!

A Royal Princess Academy:Dragon Dreams Party Kit, including instructions for hosting an All-School Princess Contest! (Note: please be patient, the party kit may take a minute to download)
Pin the Tail on the Dragon
Princess Bingo playing cards


Lots of girls go through a princess stage. My daughter Emma was no exception. First, Em adored everything princess-y, and then she wanted to be the least princess-y girl ever. This funny, relatable switch inspired ROYAL PRINCESS ACADEMY, DRAGON DREAMS.

Princess Emma comes from a long line of princesses. Her great-great-grandmother Snow White and grandmother Beauty both won the All-School Princess Contest when they were students. Emma's in her first year at the Academy, and, with the contest looming, she doesn't have a lot of faith in herself. Her classmates don't have much faith in her either, because Emma is not your typical princess. For starters, Emma has a secret: she really wants to be a Dragon Rider!

Girls will root for and relate to Emma. She's sporty and funny and still finds a way to be royally and truly herself ... whether she's competing in the All-School Princess Contest or trying to save the kingdom's dragons from possible extinction.

Barnes & Noble

Dial, September 2012, ISBN: 978-0803737501


THE ROYAL PRINCESS ACADEMY, DRAGON DREAMS is a Banks Street Book of 2013! It's been named a Best Book of 2013 for children ages five to nine.

"Humorous. ...readers who share [Emma's] rough-and-tumble nature should find her a winning role model."
   —Publishers Weekly

"The characters are likable and entertaining, the humorous plot moves quickly and holds readers' interest, and the appealing cartoon illustrations add another dimension. Princess fans will not be disappointed by this early chapter book."
   —School Library Journal